Writing retreat programme, Amba Estate, Sri Lanka

20th - 26th May, 2018


Programme details

Our writing retreat is about giving you the time, space and focus to sit down and work. The retreat week starts on the Sunday evening (20th May) at dinner time and ends the following Saturday morning (26th May) after breakfast. The house will be quiet for working between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday with a break for lunch. Being an untutored retreat means that you don't have to be a creative writer to join us. Academics, students, digital nomads, freelancers or anyone wanting time away from their usual environment to focus on a project are all welcome.  

There will be plenty of opportunities to go on walks in and around Amba Estate each afternoon as a group or individually, or just to carry on working. There will be a main working location set up on an outside yoga terrace but there are plenty of other tables available to work on anywhere in the grounds or main bungalow.  The venue has good WiFi for those that need it. Every evening we'll gather for a soiree before dinner where we can share things we're working on, read poetry and/or listen to music. Being in the company of other writers is great inspiration and will provide you with energy and know-how for a productive time away.

 Amba Estate Sri Lanka, the location of Wilderness Journeys retreat weeks
 Waterfall within a short walking distance of Amba Estate.
 Ella Rock in Ella, Sri Lanka.

About Heather Ford

Heather Ford is a researcher, lecturer and writer working to understand how technology can be designed to support humans and their relationship to the natural world. She worked in the non-profit technology sector for a number of years before becoming an academic. Working with organisations such as Creative Commons, the Wikimedia Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, she learned the importance of human-centred technological solutions. She became hooked on writing retreats when she was writing her doctoral thesis at Oxford University's Oxford Internet Institute where she conducted an ethnographic study of Wikipedia as a "fact factory".  She has facilitated retreats for NGO workers and technologists in countries around the world - from Uganda to South Africa and Tajikistan. She has written for a number of academic and online publications and is currently completing her book about Wikipedia which will be published in 2018 - she'll tell you all about it in May!