Recharging retreat programme, Amba Estate, Sri Lanka

13TH - 19TH MAY, 2018


Our recharge hideaway retreat runs from Sunday evening (13th May, 2018) until the following Saturday morning (19th May, 2018). Each day will have a loose structure allowing plenty of free time to relax, read, write, walk or visit the local waterfalls. The group will remain small, between 6-10 people, to allow for quality interaction.

Thematic focus

The main aim of the programme is to assist you in reviewing and reflecting on your personal and professional journey, by focusing on topics such as your strengths; potential and authenticity; your long term goals and dreams and the resources necessary for breakthrough and change. The learning process will be based on recognised educational and psychology frameworks and theories. Additionally, the programme will be filled with short stimulating exercises, thought experiments and mindfulness tasks. Readings from fiction, biographies, easy-to-access philosophers’ writings, as well as poetry will be incorporated into the programme activities.

Nature and relaxation

A significant part of the programme will be devoted to me-time, individual thinking and writing tasks. Every day will involve walks (all at easy to moderate level) and time in nature; often these will be thematic walks with a particular thinking or reflecting task assigned.

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About Ilze Saleniece 

The programme is designed and will be led by Ilze Saleniece. Ilze has more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, and has designed and led numerous training and capacity building programmes. She has obtained a Master’s in Comparative and International Education from the University of Oxford, and also a degree in Educational Sciences from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Latvia, with a focus on the pedagogical and psychological aspects of learning and teaching. Additionally, she has taken courses in coaching, leadership skills, mindfulness and other themes related to personal and professional development. Ilze is convinced about the importance of quality alone-time and time in nature for individual wellbeing and regeneration. She has taken part in trekking trips through Tatra and the Alps in Europe and deserts in Israel and Namibia, often doing these as solo-trips and setting herself an individual reflection task or question to think about.

Programme schedule 

Early morning session:
After breakfast, a short session will introduce the day’s thematic focus and learning outcomes, as well as set a short mind-energizing exercise.

Main morning session: 
We will spend time in nature and take one of the beautiful walks through the tea, cinnamon and lemongrass fields, or to the secluded pools and spectacular rock shelves at the top of the Ravana-Ella waterfalls, or through Amba’s 50-acre forest, allowing us to reach a secret cave and waterfall, or to the top of Ella Rock. The area is also full of wildlife and birdlife, so for those who prefer a much calmer alternative to walking and hiking, there are plenty of opportunities to just sit in the grounds.

Afternoon session:
After lunch and some alone-time, we will spend 2-3hrs in a core thematic session of the day, where we will be learning, thinking, reflecting, and sharing.

Evening session:
After a shared dinner we will have time for reading and writing, or a discussion following open-space principles.