It all started when...

Hannah took a canoeing holiday to Sri Lanka. Paddling down great, green waters, trekking up mountains and camping under starry skies certainly felt like an island spell had been cast (Wendy Whatmore, Island Spell). A series of changes, both professionally and personally back at home in the months that followed, led Hannah to decide that it was now or never to try something different. Wanting to incorporate her background in social psychology and sustainability with a love of kayaking gave her the idea of organising low environmental impact kayaking trips in Sri Lanka for friends and soon other ideas emerged to become 'Wilderness Journeys' - a wilderness retreat travel company. 

Nature and Mental Health  

A strong advocate of the restorative power of nature, Wilderness Journeys are designed to unlock a healthy mind. 

Ecotherapy is the idea that exposure to nature improves mental wellbeing. We support this idea, and believe that sometimes we need to force ourselves to leave behind what are now ubiquitous forms of distraction - the internet, work, addictions (including to busyness) to de-stress and recharge.  

The cognitive benefits of interacting with nature are immense - its scale, complexity and beauty can restore a sense of perspective. As Michael Cohen argues, our intellect can sometimes stand in the way of what he believes is our natural wisdom, our "old-brain". Like mindfulness, being immersed in nature can help remind our bodies and minds of our old-brain wisdom. 

The frontal lobe, the part of our brain that’s hyper-engaged in modern life, deactivates a little when you are outside.
— Florence Williams, ‘The Nature Fix’

why travel with us?

We want to create experiences with substance. For some, that might mean challenging themselves physically, for others, simply the time and space to rest, process and feel reconnected.   

If you would like to chat about any of our ideas or journeys, why not drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you.