Arriving at Amba Estate, Sri Lanka

We can help you make travel arrangements for arriving at Amba Estate for any of the retreat weeks. We have left this off the price to allow guests the option of visiting more of Sri Lanka either before or after the retreat.  There are a variety of ways in which you can arrive and leave Amba Estate.

Sri Lanka train journey from Kandy to Ella. Photo by  Luuk Bolding  

Take the train

Travelling by train in Sri Lanka is an unmissable experience. It winds its way through the hill country of Sri Lanka, passing tea fields, forests and mountains. There are two stops close to Amba Estate (Heeloya and Ella), and a 30 minute tuk tuk ride will then bring you direct to the door. The train takes about 8 hours, so would need to be caught early on the Sunday morning in order to arrive for dinner and the start of the programme. Train travel is very cheap in Sri Lanka and is our recommended way to arrive at Amba.

Splitting the journey - via Kandy

The train from Kandy to Amba takes about 6 hours and is the most scenic part of the main Colombo to Ella train line. This section is argued to be one of the most beautiful and scenic train journeys in the world. Heading to Kandy from the airport is a great choice. You can spend a morning or full day seeing this magnificent cultural city and its famous Temple and lake before catching the train to Amba.

Travel via Kandy on train

Sigiriya stop over on route to Amba Estate

Splitting the journey - via Sigiriya

We can also help you arrange a one or two day visit to some other sites in Sri Lanka before or after your time at Amba. Some people who visit Amba stay a night on the beach north of the airport, before getting a taxi to Sigiriya, spending a night near by before heading on to Amba Estate by taxi.


Sri Lanka by road

The most direct route from the airport to Amba takes about 5-6 hours in a taxi (depending on traffic). The route is not quite as scenic as the train (or as cheap) but it is the quickest way to arrive and depart for those who are only coming for the week.